Drilltech, Inc. Directonal drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, city streets, cross country, river crossings, roadways, railroads, remote locations. Knowledge about all types of soil including solid rock and fractured formations. Capable of drilling up to 42 inch diameter pipe. More than 27 years experience. 903-427-0836

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Drilltech, safety to employees, customers, the public and the environment is always first.

Drilltech is concerned about safety.

Drilltech safety class

At Drilltech, Inc. we are committed to making sure every employee goes home safely each day. Safety for employees, customers, the public and the environment is always our first concern. Every employee at Drilltech has the right to stop work authority. All Drilltech employees are required to be safe and courteous always. Drilltech’s EMR rating is proof of the commitment to safety.

Drilltech employees are required to have daily tailgate meetings as well as monthly safety meetings by Drilltech HSE department. Drilltech having an in house NCCER Master Trainer, Veriforce Evaluator and training facility allows us to make sure all operators and employees are properly trained.

Drilltech thoroughly believes safety to employees, customers and the environment is a team effort.

Drilltech is a member of ISNetworld, NCCER, Avetta, PEC and Veriforce.

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