Drilltech, Inc. Directonal drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, city streets, cross country, river crossings, roadways, railroads, remote locations. Knowledge about all types of soil including solid rock and fractured formations. Capable of drilling up to 42 inch diameter pipe. More than 27 years experience. 903-427-0836

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Drilltech equipment at the end of a workday.Drilltech, Inc. is owned and operated by Gary Davidson who began working in the directional drilling industry in 1991.

Drilltech, Inc., founded in 2007, has grown steadily and currently employees more than 30 people. We believe safety, experience, integrity, and perseverance are the reasons for our success. We bring those attributes to every job.

Drilltech's equipment includes Vermeer D500x500 rig, Power Dynamics Innovations 500 rig, Vermeer 330x300 rig, American Auger DD140 rig, Vermeer 100x140 rig, Vermeer 100x120 rig, Vermeer 24x40 rig, Vermeer 36X50 rig. We also have all of the required support and safety equipment, mud systems, vacuum trucks, excavators, frac tanks, pumps, semi trucks, pickup trucks, environmental supplies, down hole tools, reamers, tensor steering tools and navigational equipment.

Our company, which specializes in trenchless pipeline installations, has the capability of performing directional drilling work in environmentally sensitive areas, city streets, cross country areas, major river crossings, roadways, railroads, and remote locations. We have experience working with all types of soils including solid rock and fractured formations. We are capable of drilling up to 42” diameter pipe.

"Never underestimate the value of a skilled drill operator. It takes some time to learn and our operators have what it takes to overcome most any challenge the earth can dish out. Sure, it takes some time to learn, but experience is the best teacher. Anybody can learn to drive a car but not everybody can drive a NASCAR car. The same can be said for horizontal directional drilling. Anybody can get up there and pull levers, but you want someone aboard that drill who knows what he's doing and is also safety conscious. Safety is among the most important attributes an operator can have and is always top of mind with all Drilltech employees." - Gary Davidson, President

We look forward to helping with your project. Call or email us with your questions or for more information.